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Neither Novak nore me were allowed this summer/winter season to stay in Australia. One is a tennis player from Serbia, wealthy and famous in the world, the other one a 44 year old French woman from Bordeaux whose brother, sister-in-law & nephews live in Sydney. A tiny difference between them: 3 jabs ! (and a few million dollars)

Because a blog is a space where people are incitated to express their opinions and feelings, here is the issue I would like to discuss with you. Do you agree with the Australian decision to send Novak back home as he is not vaccinated and represent a threat for the population? Rules are currently very strict with the Covid. I haven’t seen my family for 3 years and only my parents (fully vaccinated) were allowed to enter Australia on a travel exemption. Despite the fact I have only 1 brother (no other siblings) I am not considered as an immediate family member ! Can Alex Hawke get in touch with me? I am pretty sure I am not the only one in this situation, dying to spend time with my loved ones, and a perfect citizen, fully vaccinated (2 Pfizer + 1 Moderna). The world is really going crazy !

Full information about Travel Restrictions:

I would be grateful if you could share your opinions & feelings with me… am ready to launch a petition for brothers & sisters of Australian citizens/permanent residents !!

Important information for travel to Australia

Fully vaccinated Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible visa holders can travel to and from Australia without needing to apply for a travel exemption.

Immediate family members of Australian citizens, permanent residents or New Zealand citizens usually resident in Australia who do not hold an eligible visa must provide proof of relationship before travel by submitting an exemption request through the Travel Exemption Portal.

All other temporary visa holders seeking to travel to Australia must apply for a travel exemption.

Fully vaccinated

You are considered to be fully vaccinated for travel to and from Australia if you have completed a course of a vaccine approved or recognised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). This includes mixed doses. Current approved or recognised vaccines and dosages accepted for travel are:

  • Two doses at least 14 days apart of:
    • AstraZeneca Vaxzevria
    • AstraZeneca Covishield
    • Pfizer/Biontech Comirnaty
    • Moderna Spikevax or Takeda
    • Sinovac Coronavac
    • Bharat Biotech Covaxin
    • Sinopharm BBIBP-CorV (for people under 60 years of age on arrival in Australia).
  • Or one dose of:
    • Johnson & Johnson/ Janssen-Cilag COVID Vaccine.

The TGA is evaluating other COVID-19 vaccines that may be recognised for inbound travel to Australia in future.

At least 7 days must have passed since the final dose of vaccine in a course of immunisation for you to be considered fully vaccinated. Mixed doses count towards being fully vaccinated as long as all vaccines are approved or recognised by the TGA.

If you have not been vaccinated with the above doses or schedule, you do not meet Australia’s definition of ‘fully vaccinated.’ This includes instances where the dosing schedule or vaccine eligibility differs in your country of origin. There are some exceptions to this as outlined below.

Axel Hawke…Could you please get in touch with me ??

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