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French woman from Bordeaux I really love my city and my country and am very keen on making you discover this « French way of life ». I am also very international as I used to study in Germany & lived in the UK and am now regularly travelling to Sydney where my brother, his wife and my 2 gorgeous nephews (Antoine & Jacques) live. I am here to bring both French & Australian cultures together, enjoy them, compare them, and take the best out of each country: focusing on the wine of course ! (and spirits !) You are always French after all, no matter where you live…                                                                                          As I am a girl who likes soooo many things & enjoy life as much as I can, I thought I couldn’t not speak about other topics I enjoy like great food (and my homemade recipes!) but also music & concerts I go too, maybe fashion or art, and any other subjects I would love to talk and share.  Obviously also travelling !      At last but not least, I would like to add that my blog is dedicated to my friends abroad in particular and to our long-lasting friendship. In the hope it makes you want to visit my wonderful city/country and exchange on different cultures…Enjoy my articles : Cheers ! oder Prost ! ( Salute anche ! )

and some more friends abroad (or over here) who I dedicate this website to : Amanda, Ester, Sinead, Adele, Regina, Una, Rachel, Inge, Thijse, Justine, Janice, Taro, Juan & Juanito, Serge, Agustin, Joanna, Matthew, John, Andrew, Jens, Frank, Murat, Stefan, Mark, Stuart, Susana, Hanna, Bartek, Xabier, Jesus, Sergio, Loreto etc… and maybe more friendships to come…

John and his harem…. Beer and German sausages (or fish) for lunch

« Family picture » !!!! Oh no….Serge is missing on that one.. and Agus??? I wonder if you had a hangover????

Fête du fleuve 2019 ! Last day…

With my new Swiss friends !!!


Wine & Spirit Education Trust Diploma which I passed with merit in 2017. It provides globally recognised education and qualifications in wines, spirits and sake, for professionals and enthusiasts. Even if I knew already a lot about French wines (still learning!) as I grew up in Bordeaux, regarding wines from other countries I wasn’t so familiar with, this diploma is definitely a great key to understand wine culture & wines in the whole world. A must for me with my international background and my envy to explore always new cultures and its wines.