My Txakoli wine tasting experience : Bodega Basa Lore en Zarautz (Pais Vasco) – Dégustation du vin Txakoli au Pays basque, côté espagnol

Dégustation du vin Txakoli au Pays basque, côté espagnol

Last summer at the end of June I decided to explore the vineyards in the Spanish Basque country. Most of them are closed on week-ends actually, not like in my hometown (Bordeaux) where all vineyards are opened for visits, especially in summer where we have a ‘tourists’ wave” ! I had written to Basa Lore and considering my interest in visiting a Spanish vineyard in the Basque country (and taste the wine of course !) I was welcomed by Nerea (the 4th generation ! ) on a Saturday afternoon. I was soooo delighted because I could only visit on a weekend.

It was a bit of an adventure to find the winery, even if I was sent by mail beforehand the “google map itinerary”‘. Fortunately I speak a bit of Spanish and was able to ask my way. I got so much luck and a very kind Spanish senor escorted me with his motorbike up to the Basa Lore winery (muy arriba ! / very high up the hill). The afternoon started in a great style !

Basa Lore is the oldest winery in the area….since 1934 !

Leaves with very young grapes starting to grow…

Txakoli (pronounced chack-oh-lee) is a slightly sparkling, young and fruity white wine produced in the Spanish Basque Country. In Basa Lore they also have a rosé wine.

In English !!!

The whole range of Basa Lore bottles : white wine, rosé wine and the special txakoli ! (new bottles with new label in front, the old ones in the back)

Zarautz beach (view from the top of the hill)

Nerea was so kind to take me up there in her car. It was a wonderful experience !

The vineyards !

BASA LORE winery : Santa Barbara Auz., 1, 20800 Zarautz, Gipuzkoa, SPAIN +34 660 80 66 82

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