Do you know wine from appellation Graves-de-Vayres near Bordeaux?

The appellation AOC Graves-de-Vayres is pretty unknown actually, however you should discover it as its wines are of a very good quality for a reasonable price.

Castle “Château de Vayres”, aerial view –

The Graves-de-Vayres AOC is located northwest of the Entre-deux-Mers plateau, on the right bank of the Garonne river and the left bank of the Dordogne river, halfway between Bordeaux and Saint-Émilion.

A terrace system testifies to the sinking of the Dordogne in its valley. Depending on the height, we have different types of soils. Oceanic climate where marine inputs play an important thermoregulating role. Along the river, the appellation benefits from the moderating effects of the water mass, but also from a particular micro climate, due to the steeper terrain of the opposite bank and the proximity of the Fronsac mound.

The vineyard produces an average of 30.300 hl/year on a soil of 550 ha. It consists of plates of gravel and sand on which are cultivated the traditional red and white grape varieties of Bordeaux.

The red wines of the appellation are rich, fruity and colorful.  The whites, once mellow, are today essentially dry and are close to the wines of the Entre-deux-Mers. They are lively and fresh, they find a good balance with suppleness and fat. They preserve on the palate the fruitiness of their bouquet.

Link for the Graves-de-Vayres AOC:

For example, read the article here about “Vignobles Chatelier” (Vineyards Chatelier):

You can also watch this lovely video made by Diane & Eugénie, the sisters of “Vignobles Degas” (Vineyards Degas):

Where can you buy the wines from Graves-de-Vayres ??

Maison du vin des Graves de Vayres
Come and meet us for a tasting and discover the talent of our winemakers.
The wines are available for sale at the direct property price.
Shipping possible.

Place du Général de Gaulle – BP 21
33870 Vayres – France

Phone: (0033) (0)

Where can you eat in a good restaurant and taste a Graves-de-Vayres wine ??

Restaurant Lune

Close to the Château de Vayres, between Bordeaux & St Emilion:

Link Restaurant Lune: and wine selection:

56 avenue de Libourne, 33870 Vayres – 05 47 84 90 98 –

Some links where you can purchase the wines of the Graves-de-Vayres AOC:

1) The online shops of the different winemakers such as: Degas vineyards:

Chatelier vineyards:

2) Other sites and online shops:

Vinothèque de Bordeaux:

CDiscount E-Commerce site:

3) In Supermarkets:

Selection @Auchan Mériadeck (33000)

4) Shop of La Winery in Arsac (Médoc):

Château Toulouze Graves-de-Vayres 2018: 8,60€

Vin au nez discret mais charmeur, dominé par des fruits rouges, à la bouche ample et aux tanins soyeux.

Château de Vayres (Castle)

This castle (site inscribed 1945) is the ancient fortress which belonged to the Albret and which was given as a dowry by Charlotte d’Albret to César Borgia, son of Pope Alexander VI. The future Henri IV sold it in the state of ruin in 1583. It is the architect Louis de Foix, builder of the Cordouan lighthouse, who seems to have directed important landscaping work there at the end of the sixteenth century. A rich sculpted decoration of mannerist inspiration was added in particular. The facade facing the Dordogne was modified in the seventeenth century by the construction of a large central pavilion and a monumental staircase with double revolution giving access to the garden (classified Historical Monument in 2002). A large part of the castle is classified as a Historical Monument (2001), the rest is included in the Supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments (2000).

Link for the Château de Vayres:

Enjoy your visit of Vayres and its beautiful Castle ! And have a great tasting of the Graves-de-Vayres AOC wines…

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