Elisabeth II died today: I feel like an orphan too

On Thursday 8th September 2022, after the longest reign of any British monarch in history (70 years), Queen Elisabeth II passed away at the age of 96, in her property of Balmoral Castle (village of Crathie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland).

I am French but I feel myself also an orphan, just like my British friends and other friends & family in the Commonwealth, mainly in Australia where my brother lives with his wife and my 2 nephews (in Sydney).

@FrenchWineLove: Balmoral Castle – screenshot French TV, TF1

I have always liked this Queen, she is like a grandmother to us all. When I used to live in the UK (Manchester) I could really feel how she was appreciated by everybody. Queen of a nation, Queen of the world. As Emmanuel Macron mentionned on TV: “She was Your Queen” and for us “She was The Queen”

@FrenchWineLove: Official announcement of her death, in front of Windsor, London -screenshot French TV, TF1

@FrenchWineLove: Balmoral Castle – screenshot French TV, TF1

@FrenchWineLove: Liz Truss, newly appointed Prime Minister giving her speech to announce the Queen’s death – screenshot French TV, TF1

RIP Elisabethand may God save now the King

@FrenchWineLove: Balmoral Castle – screenshot French TV, TF1

Elisabeth II

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