Saint-Emilion (English): what to see exactly – Part 3: the Monolithic Church, the undergorunds, the Cordeliers Cloister, the Brunet Gate

9. The Monolithic Church

Was built in the 12th century and is the largest on of its kind in Europe ! Carved out into 1 single block of stone…

A 68-meter-high bell tower was added after. Highest point in Saint-Emilion (196 steps)


10. The Undergrounds

You cannot visit this part on your own & need an official guide to be allowed to enter (book at the tourist office for 11€). Pictures inside are forbidden too. I will however tell you all about what you can see inside.


11. The Cordeliers Cloister

This Cloister belonged to the Franciscan brothers (order founded on the initiative of St. Francis of Assisi), known as the Cordeliers..

A haven of peace and rest, where you can enjoy a glass of “Crémant de Bordeaux” (sparkling wine) accompanied with macarons.

View of the Cordeliers Cloister from the Tour du Roy


If you want to know more about the church and Saint-Emilion village/Unesco World Heritage, you can book a 2 hour guided tour with me (available from 4 people, contact me for details at and fill in the form at the bottom of this page)


12. The Brunet Gate

In the East, we find the Brunet gate, very well conserved, which opened onto the country side. In total there were 6 gates.

@FrenchWineLove – The Brunet gate

@FrenchWineLove – The Brunet gate, view on the countryside

13. The Cadene’s House and Gate

The name comes from the Latin “Cadena” meaning “chain.

The house: This pretty building is the only timber-framed house in the village and has a facade dating from the very beginning of the 16th century.

@FrenchWineLove – Cadene’s gate

14. The Town Hall

@FrenchWineLove – the Town Hall

15. The Market Hall

@FrenchWineLove – the Market Hall

Read also Saint-Emilion (English) Part 2:

2 hour guided tours in English. Mainly available on Saturdays (however can be arranged during the week if required).

30€ per person for a 2 hour guided Tour of Saint-Emilion (Medieval village/UNESCO World Heritage Site/information on Monolithe church/Wines, etc) – Minimum of 4 people to confirm the visit (maximum of 6 people)

Indicate when you could be available for this Tour and I will get back to you ASAP. Next visit planned on Thursday 1st September 2022 at 2pm

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