Bordeaux: Let’s eat at the Post Office!

Called “la Grande Poste”, this unusual spot for lunch is actually a former post office.

The originality of this restaurant is that they organise concerts and brunches. There are also 7 temporary shops inside where you can find clothes for instance or paintings.

The restaurant, viewed from the first floor

Salmon in curcuma sauce with red lentils puree & ginger. This was delicious ! Great presentation too.

Café mignardises. Don’t get mixed up with café gourmand (much bigger portions). I wouldn’t advise you to take the mignardises option. I didn’t like it at all, it tasted really industrial.


From Nünberg, Anja K. Spagl presents artworks defending animals.

Bordeaux, Italy…or is it England ?

I really enjoyed meeting Jonathan GREGO, not only because he is both Italian & English (I could chat & chiacchierare !) but also because I found his artwork REALLY original and I want you to discover this anglo-italian visual Artist ! Based in Bordeaux, Jonathan graduated in Arts in Rome. He deals with political and social subjects – such as peace, war or the vice of the modern man – with humour, irony and provocation. He combines different techniques such as oil, acrylic and watercolor in which he integrates various types of collage. On the quest for originality he started cutting his canvases in order to insert objects like Lego, Puzzles or keys – often with a nostalgic and poetic meaning. Since 2006 he exhibits in galleries in Europe and has won several painting competitions. Passionate about street art he regularly paints large murals in Europe and….Australia !

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