Palace of flavours for a tasty lunch in Bordeaux

Palais des Saveurs, Palais Gallien Street

Even the name makes my mouth water… So many flavours, so many colours ! Indeed I entered a Palace to satisfy my hunger !

Lemon tart

When I saw it from the outside, this lemon tart was appealing me. It looked absolutely delicious, and it was ! I took it as a dessert. Well, not the whole tart ! Just a slice but big enough (they serve generous portions) and it was extremely tasty, organic and airy.

The decoration is very simple and a bit strange to me for a restaurant. This is not my cup of tea to be honest but some connoisseur of porcelain figurines might enjoy it.

The best is in my plate : a white boudin with vegetables and homemade puree.
Everything was cooked by him. He operates in the kitchen and she serves. She serves and keeps highlighting her husband’s cooking (sometimes a bit too much…)However it is true, it tastes good, it is fresh and homemade ! Therefore do not hesitate to come early if you fancy the “special of the day” as it might be sold out. I don’t want to blame the regular customers no…just warning you.

High quality white boudin with vegetables & homemade puree

As much as I highly recommend you a dessert because there is a great selection and they are all homemade and delicious, I advise you to take your coffee somewhere else. I might be a bit fussy though, is only due to the fact that I know the best coffee shops in my town !

Not convinced by the coffee, sorry… A quite good experience though for a price of about 17€ (dish+dessert+coffee).

I still must add that I felt quite uncomfortable when the woman insisted too much on selling us drinks (we just wanted tap water) or other extras… Don’t go if you hate pressure..
Go for that otherwise ! Quiches of any kind to take away as well as desserts

Palais des saveurs, 69 rue du Palais Gallien, 33000 Bordeaux 05-56-81-22-09

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