IT Trattoria, Italian restaurant in Bordeaux (near Capucins market)

I discovered this great trattoria when my friend from Toulouse paid me a visit just before the pandemic last year, and we decided to go for lunch with really no idea in mind. I am very happy we both decided to get a table there. It was a very sunny February day, ideal to start with an Aperol spritz ! The restaurant offers a great choice of very fresh ingredients for home-made pasta, fresh juices, top-quality Italian desserts and above all authentic caffè. The price is very reasonable (pizza Margherita 7€), due to the fact that there are no waiters actually, but only a lovely gentleman who is there to welcome you, to bring you the menu and your beeper which will alert you when the dishes are ready. You then get up and collect your tray ! Just enjoy, buon appetito !

The place is actually really pretty inside, you can feel the Italian atmosphere everywhere !

IT Trattoria, 53-54 place des Capucins, 33000 Bordeaux (open Monday to Sunday, 8am-22.30am, except Friday-Sunday from 9am)

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