Wine tourism: Château Castéra (Médoc): My visit for the Foodtruck Festival last year

I had already visited this Château when they welcomed the band Black Jack for the AC/DC tribute concert, and I really liked the place. Therefore when Mounia, who is in charge of Wine Tourism & Marketing, and is also a very friendly person (and very well organised!) invited me to take part in their Foodtruck day, I immediately booked the event in my diary. It was the opportunity to visit the place again, take part in the activities, and above all better my knowledge about the history of the Château !

FOODTRUCKS: Grab food before starting the afternoon

Foodtruck with Brasilian specialities

I also had the chance to taste beers which are brewed in Médoc. Nicolas and Kerrie are at the origin of this project. The brewery can be visited Monday to Friday, prebooking needed. Naùrea, Bières et Vins : ZA, Le Treytin, 33112 – Saint-Laurent-du Médoc


Acivities with prebooking needed, such as Visit of the Medieval Tower OR of the VAT Room or the Cocktail Workshop. Other activities without booking: different tastings of course !

The “compulsory” wine tasting !

Mixology Workshop

Games for children too

Visit the property

From the Middle Ages until today, history has evidenced the rich and prestigious past of Castera.
Vines have been planted here since the 14th century, making it one of the oldest estates in the Médoc.

Etienne de La Boétie used to be one of the owners of Château Castéra. Consequently his great friend Michel de Montaigne spent a lot of time here

Visit the Tower with Nadège and discover the whole history of the Château, from the Middle Age till the current owner, Herr Thomas Press. In 1986, his father Carl E. Press and Dieter Tondera jointly acquired Château Castera from Alexis Lichine.
They undertook a large-scale renovation and made significant investments to give to Château Castera a new life.

Visit the VAT Room and the Cellar

Afternoon Chill: Listen to a private concert, with a cocktail or a wine glass!

Kelly, The Voice 2018: You have probably seen this young artist already on television. Kelly who lives near Bordeaux (Ambarès) took part in the music program the Voice 2018 and almost made it to the end. At Château Castéra for the Foodtruck festival she gave a free and private concert for us, I was blessed ! She sings both in English and French. You could listen to The Cranberries or Sia, and if don’t understand a word of English just stay for Damien Saez or Orelsan !

Kelly also sings in Lacanau every Sunday night over the summer. Always a chance to see her perform…

A cocktail while listening to music..

The best cocktail prepared by Laura who works at the property und kommt aus Deutschland ! Yes, she is German, and you would not say at all as she has such a perfect level of French. Ach ! diese Deutschen…ich liebe sie und bin ich immer so beindruckt, so begabt für die Fremdsprachen…nicht wie die meisten Fransozen …lol !

Ingredients for the Cocktail St Germain that I tried: St Germain liqueur (made of Elderflower), Perle rosé wine Château Castéra and cranberry juice. Really delicious !

Sébastien LABAST. He is the organiser of this Foodtruck festival

Next event ! in Pauillac on Saturday 10th August. Check out for information here:

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