Why not offering a great Whisky bottle for Christmas ?

1. Scottisch whiskys

The results of the Scotch Whisky Masters 2018 have recently been announced. Among those results was a gold medal for Aldi’s £13-a-bottle blended whisky, Highland Black 8 Year Old. I purchased it for 12,99€ in my Aldi local store.

Otherwise you cannot go wrong with a Scottish whisky (for me), even if I tried Japanese ones too and I must say that they really are worth trying !

I confirm: pretty good for the cheap price, however some other whiskies are more interesting or tastier (and obviousmy much more expensive).

Also read the great Whisky selection from Donald MacKenzie here:


2. A Bordeaux Whisky

Pier1, or Pier2, also available in a Coffret with 2 glasses. About 50€ a bottle. You can either buy it directly at the Moon Harbour distillery, or in a spirits shop in Bordeaux (I saw it in a few ones now). You can also get a voucher for a distillery visit + 1 bottle (or a Coffret), several options available.

1) My visit at the Moon Harbour distillery, and 2) a private evening I attended. As you can see, the place is really great to host an event.

Distillerie Moon Harbour: 492 Boulevard Alfred Daney, 33300 Bordeaux 05 56 29 86 60 – http://moonharbour.fr/en/

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