Printemps des Vins de Blaye – 13th and 14th April 2019

Every year about mid April, Blaye welcomes a wine festival. During 2 days, the winemakers of the Blaye area welcome you & invite you to taste their wine(s). A full program with different workshops !

4 new animations this year, amongst them : 1) Winemaking Masterclass, 2) Escape Game 3) Wine Casino 4) Photobooth : take your photo souvenir away, for free

My “photo souvenir” ! Very happy about the photograph atually

Wine painting Workshop

Cooking Workshop

Meet the winemakers and taste their wines !

4 different Pavillions (see map) where to meet the winemakers. If you feel like buying wine, do no hesitate, assistants will be there to help you carry the bottles up to the loading areas.

A very wide choice of winemakers, from traditionnal to organic and even biodynamic wines.

Have a break and grab to eat !

So many options for a quick or longer lunch : foodtrucks, sandwiches to take away, restaurants or just tables you could use bringing your own picnic… Choice is yours !

An enjoyable and very informative day !!

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