Thursday 13th October: international Burger Day !

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Salad, onions, one or two steaks, sauce, all between two slices of bread… This Tuesday, October 13 is World Burger Day! A fashion that has affected the whole world for a good ten years, Dijon and the Côte-d’Or are no exception.

Burgers are increasingly popular around the world © Maxppp – Alexandra Schuler

According to sources, if 49 billion burgers are devoured each year in the United States, France would be the second country in the world for the consumption of these sandwiches. Nearly 1.5 billion are sold each year in our country! The turnover of the burger in our country would exceed seven billion annually. While a few large chains share the market, many restaurants put hamburgers on their menu, including here in Côte-d’Or.

The brands are more numerous  

More than eight out of ten restaurants would offer at least one burger on their menu and for 80% of them it would even be the best-selling dish! If McDonald’s continues to trace its path in France with around thirty new restaurant openings, other brands are also trying to deploy. In Dijon, the French “King Marcel” opened on avenue Garibaldi in July 2018. The brand plays on the “made in France” side with fresh and local products.

The 100% “locavore” burger

During this time “ce temps-là “Bistrot burger”, opened Place de la Liberation in place of the old Brasserie “Le Temps des Ducs”. In these burgers there are meats, cheeses, vegetables 100% from Côte-d’Or! And all restaurateurs, whatever their status, seem to succumb to the burger trend. You can find it in food trucks like the Foodies or the Californian in Dijon, but also and there it’s tastier in establishments between the food truck and the restaurant.

Foie gras burgers  

This is the case of “Ritchie’s Diner” in Créancey, at the exit of Pouilly-en-Auxois, where you are served burgers in an American train car! Installed in a parking lot a few hundred meters from a McDo. But you can also eat burgers at starred restaurants, in June in Pernand-Vergelesses, when the restaurants were already hard hit by the Covid-19 crisis, “Le Charlemagne” by Laurent Peugeot offered a liver burger fat which has been widely acclaimed! link: Laurent Peugeot proposait un burger au foie gras qui a été largement plébiscité !

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