Manly Beach to Shelly Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

I usually go to Sydney every year to visit my brother who has lived there for 15 years now. I really wonder when I am going to be able to travel again and see my family. Let’s hope we can go back to a normal life in 2022, a Covid-free life… Till then, I can just enjoy watching my beautiful pics about Manly beach !

Manly Beach to Shelly Beach, Sydney Australia / Balade de Manly à Shelly en Australie

Manly is a beach situated among the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I prefer it to Bondi as there are less international jet setters. Morevover, to get to Manly, getting the ferry is a wonderful experience; in about 30 min from Circular Quay you arrive on this surfing paradise.

The Corso: here you find restaurants, bars, cafes, a supermarket, surf shops, gift shops.. Also very handy to pick up any beach gear one may have inadvertently left behind (just like me who had forgotten my beach towel! I bought a lovely one for 10$ as the Corso leads right to the beach.

The scenic walk: the Cabbage Tree Bay Walk takes about 15 minutes from the surf club near the South end of Manly, and follows the jagged coastline all the way to a spot called Shelly beach. I really advise you to do this walk, it is very enjoyable.



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