Bordeaux River Festival and Bordeaux Wine Festival (Fête le vin) in 2018 & 2019. Unfortunately 2020 got cancelled due to Coronavirus !

Every year in June there is a big event in Bordeaux, either Bordeaux fête le Fleuve or Bordeaux fête le Vin. Even if Bordeaux fête le Vin is more dedicated to wines (all of them from Bordeaux area are available for tasting), actually Bordeaux fête le Fleuve also includes some wine tastings now. However you can be sure that you will enjoy a great time with fireworks, free concerts and great ships to visit. Book now your trip to my winederful city : CANCELLED in 2020 due to Coronavirus, let’s meet in 2021 !!

Read about the program here:

Wine Pavillons

Tasting sessions

Tasting sessions….

Food available

Games of any kind

Edition 2020: Bordeaux fête le vin from 18th to 21st June

I just thought it would be helpful to inform you right now about when this great event is going to take place so that you do not miss out and book your flight/train tickets, your accomodation and also your Tasting Pass. Early bird ! Book your Tasting pass now and pay 13€ instead of 21€

How to get to Bordeaux for the Wine Festival ?

Where to stay for the Wine Festival ?

My family owns a flat right in the city center, feel free to ask me further information to rent the place for a few days or even 1 month. Maybe nice holidays to plan in Bordeaux when the Coronavirus crisis is over !

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