Visit the Opera House from your couch! Visiter l’Opéra de Sydney

You always take a picture of this artwork , or a selfie in front of it/with it in the background. However I guess you do not dare or take time to visit inside. I took the plunge for you! Oh I visited last year in november 2019, just before the Covid pandemic. Take a break and enjoy my virtual visit !

I had booked the 1hour visit of the Opera online. Easy to make on for a reasonable price (26.43€). Be careful if you want a French tour for instance as they sell very quickly and none was available on the same day! Not a problem if you speak English as you will easily find a tour which fits your schedule.

General overview

As I had to wait for about 50 minutes before my visit, I decided to check the availability for food/drinks around.

Food/Drinks offer

Building from the outside

Construction inside

The Room

A very informative and enjoyable visit, I highly recommend it !

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