Mythical Bondi beach, Sydney, Australia

Bondi beach, I hope to see you again in 2022 ! In time of the Covid, I still do not know if/when I will be able to visit my family over there… Am stuck again in France (Bordeaux) this Christmas !! (This article was written last December 2019….)

Winter season has really started here in France for me, with the first day of winter and dreadful weather, almost continuous rain and heavy storms everywhere. This is why I have decided to publish today an article about Down Under, about a lovely and mythical beach, hoping to receive the good summer vibes and all this vitamin D we need, all the way from Sydney. In the meantime, I would happily like to send you our French heavy showers and put an end to this drastic situation you encounter with over 3 months non stop fires now…

I had the chance to spend the last 2 Christmas in Sydney with my family and this year my family is over so we hope for a White Christmas!

Enjoy my article and pictures, and I wish you all a lovely Christmas.

Bondi is a really popular beach, and also the name of the surrounding suburb in Sydney. Bondi Beach is located 7 km east of the Sydney Central Business District, in the Eastern Suburbs.

How to get there? Parking there with a car is pretty expensive (just in front of the beach 8$ 1 hour minimum) and crowded, you will find it difficult to get a spot. My advise is to take the train from Sydney city centre and stop at Bondi Junction station, then get a bus from there (usually n. 333 or 379) to Bondi beach. Easy and cheap !

Read about parking in Bondi here:–parking

Sculpture by the sea

Every year end October-mid November (24/10-10/11 this year, 2019), you can enjoy a lovely stroll amongst the temporary sculptures; the event is called Sculpture by the sea and I highly recommend it (interesting, relaxing and free!). I just warn you this is not convenient if you have a child in a pram! Indeed there are quite a few stairs…

As for places to drink/eat, there is a wide choice, however I do not have one in particular to recommend you yet. You can always bring your picnic and eat on the grass area in front of the beach !

I am sending thoughts/kisses/hugs from far away to my family and friends in Australia. I am looking forward to seeing you soon again ! TAKE CARE

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