Saint-Emilion: what to see exactly – Part 2: The “Tertres”, St Martin Gate, The Ursulines Convent,The King’s keep and the Wash Houses (Book your private guided tour)

4. The steep street or “Tertres”


A “tertre” is defined as a mound. Let’s walk together using these narrow narrow streets, steep and with uneven paving & Let’s discover the great origin of these cobblestones !

Four “Tertres”:

  • the Tertre of Cadène
  • the Tertre of the Tente and the Tertre of the Saint-Martin door
  • the most audacious: the Tertre of the Vaillants ! 

As for the origin of the cobblestones…….

If you want to know more about the church and Saint-Emilion village/Unesco World Heritage, you can book a 2 hour private guided tour with me (available from 2 people, contact me for details at and fill in the form at the bottom of this page)

5. The St Martin Gate

This gate buit in the 12th century…….

Pierrefitte port was…..

The Pierrefitte Menhir….


6. The Ursulines Convent

The sisters of the order of Saint-Ursule settled down in Saint-Emilion on June 1st, 1620


7. The King’s Keep (Tour du Roy)

The “castel daou rey” meaning the King’s Keep, is the only romanesque keep still intact in Gironde.


8. The Wash Houses

These public basins, built in the 19th century…….

@FrenchWineLove – Big Wash House

@FrenchWineLove – Small Wash House

BONUS – Eleanor of Aquitaine

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2 hour private guided tours in English. Mainly available on Saturdays (however can be arranged during the week if required).

90€ per person for a 2 hour private & tailor-made guided Tour of Saint-Emilion (Medieval village/UNESCO World Heritage Site/Information on Monolithe church/Wines & Gastronomy, etc) – Minimum of 2 people to confirm the visit

Indicate when you could be available for a guided Tour and I will get back to you ASAP. Next visit planned: Wednesday 21st September 2022 at 2pm

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