Discover the wine & trade museum in Bordeaux / Musée du vin et du négoce à Bordeaux

A lovely museum to discover very soon if you do not know it already !! Enjoy !

The Shop

Read my article about Mauro Ceballos, the author of this comic, entirely made with wine

Do you know about Bordeaux Clairet ? Known at the time by the English as “Claret” (and they loved it), it is a typical Bordeaux red wine but very light (hence its pink/red color, between red and rosé wines). It is an officiaal French A.OC, Bordeaux clairet.

Do you know about Lamproie à la bordelaise ? This is a typical dish from Bordeaux (and quite expensive in restaurants), made with lamprey fish, leeks & red wine. My parents cook it every year, but they will have to make an exception this year due to Coronavirus). Read my article here to find out the recipe:

Inside the museum

You will discover the history of the international reputation of Bordeaux wines, at the heart of the historic wine merchants’quarter.

The wine merchants’museum offers a visit to its cellars, which contain historical objects mixed with modern scenography to give a better understanding of Bordeaux wines. The visit is sooo informative and I recommend you to take 2 hours for both the visit + tasting.

After the visit, enjoy a commented wine tasting

Do not hesitate to visit this great museum for only 10€ (with 2 tastings)

  • From 02/01/2020 until 31/12/2020
  • Open daily

41 rue Borie, 33000 Bordeaux (quartier Chartrons) +33 5 56 90 19 13


  1. Thank you for this lovely post – Super pictures and lots of useful information. As soon as the confinement is lifted we will be back in Bordeaux so will add this to our ‘to do’ list.

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  2. I am happy you enjoyed reading it. If you like history then you will learn a lot. For the tasting, the wines are pretty basic (but it still is informative), so If you’re really into wines, I suggest you go for a proper tasting in a place like CIVB or another wine bar. Where do you live?

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    • We have lived near Langon for the past 14 years and in Perpignan for 6 years before that. Madame redstuffdan is French. We really enjoy the Portes Ouvertes for all the Bordelaise appellations especially St Émilion and Pessac Leognan.

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