My playlist 100% Australia when I go running

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I always listen to a lot of music, either in the morning when I wake up or while I am cooking or working on my PC. I have now found a new activity which I enjoy better doing in music: running ! Following the lockdowns last year in March/April and then in October, I started enjoying big walks in the park near my flat and decided to give it a go with a bit of running. I have always thought running was a bit boring actually….. However since I started to run with a playlist, I find it pretty enjoyable actually, it makes the activity fun and you do not sse time flying ! It also gives you an opportunity to discover new singers/songs. Here is my first “Running Playlist” dedicated to Australian singers. I try to alternate one pretty slow song with a faster one, and am quite happy with these titles I want to make you discover…. Enjoy !!

1. Angus and Julia Stone – BIG JET PLANE

2. Kylie Minogue – MAGIC

3. Dean Lewis – BE ALRIGHT

4. Tones and I – DANCE MONKEYS

5. Amy Shark – ADORE

6. 5 seconds of Summer – SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT

7. Crowded House – DON’T DREAM IT’S OVER


9. Savage Garden – TRULY MADLY DEEPLY

10. Midnight Oil – BEDS ARE BURNING

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