La Maison de Margot: chill and enjoy a glass of organic wine in a (very) cosy place, out of time…in Bordeaux

This bar opened about 1 year ago, and is located in the heart of Bordeaux city center.

That opening night we had the chance to taste different wines (red, white, rosé), not only from Bordeaux but also from Bergerac, Alsace (a tasty Sylvaner), Gigondas, even from Rhônes Valley (biodynamic)… and Romanée Conti in Bourgogne !! I was delighted ! For sure a wine bar I will visit again.

The littles dishes prepared by Margot and her team were absoluetly delicious: tasty & fresh. prawns canapés, quich lorraine, salmon toasts, beetroots dip….spoilt for choice & quality.

I could also taste this Burdigala stout (cacao flavour) and I enjoyed it…

La Maison de Margot, 27 rue Arnaud Miqueu – 33000 BORDEAUX Tél: 06-14-29-75-06


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