1st May is International Sauternes Day: be ready to share (from home) a glass of this wonderful sweet wine

Château de Rayne Vigneau in Bommes: drink Sauternes wine & listen to music – article published for the Foodtruck festival (08/09/19)

1) The vines

Do you know about Botrytis ? Do you know Semillon ?

2) The Cellar

3) Enjoy a nibble: Crêpes, Burgers, Falafel, Pasta, and much more..

Carole, a lovely Brasilian woman who owns the Buteco Foodtruck. For the occasion she created the Cocktail “Caïpi Mme de Rayne” which is made of Sauternes wine from Rayne Vigneau, green lemon and Prosecco. Very refreshing, and just the right amount of alcohol. Obrigada Carole !

4) Have a drink at the bar (Madame de Rayne & Rayne Vigneau)

5) Live music with Sam & Kelly

DJ Samey Biova

Kelly from The Voice 2018

From the left to the right you can notice the different colours…it gives you an idea of which wine is a sweet Sauternes, which wine is a dry white wine, also indication on how old is the wine.

6) Enjoy the park: such a great playground for children

On the whole, it was a really lovely day


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