1st May is International Sauternes Day: be ready to share (from home) a glass of this wonderful sweet wine

Château de Rayne Vigneau in Bommes: drink Sauternes wine & listen to music – article published for the Foodtruck festival (08/09/19)

1) The vines

Do you know about Botrytis ? Do you know Semillon ?

2) The Cellar

3) Enjoy a nibble: Crêpes, Burgers, Falafel, Pasta, and much more..

Carole, a lovely Brasilian woman who owns the Buteco Foodtruck. For the occasion she created the Cocktail « Caïpi Mme de Rayne » which is made of Sauternes wine from Rayne Vigneau, green lemon and Prosecco. Very refreshing, and just the right amount of alcohol. Obrigada Carole !

4) Have a drink at the bar (Madame de Rayne & Rayne Vigneau)

5) Live music with Sam & Kelly

DJ Samey Biova

Kelly from The Voice 2018

From the left to the right you can notice the different colours…it gives you an idea of which wine is a sweet Sauternes, which wine is a dry white wine, also indication on how old is the wine.

6) Enjoy the park: such a great playground for children

On the whole, it was a really lovely day


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