For the kids ! The Wiggles release song about social distancing to fight Coronavirus

Credits: The Wiggles

My nephew Antoine who is 3 years and a half old is going to daycare in Sydney and I saw him learning this song. Therefore I thought it was a great idea to share the video, maybe you know about it already? I love the Wiggles’ songs…

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If you’re a parent who’s struggling to explain the do’s and dont’s of the coronavirus pandemic – The Wiggles are here to help. The importance of staying home and social distancing doesn’t have to be a scary conversation. You can sing and dance along at home and become a hand washing hero!

The children’s entertainers have released a new song to teach kids the importance of staying home and regularly washing their hands. Watch the video above

The song, which is appropriately called ‘Social Distancing’, takes the form of questions and answers that explain why keeping distance is important.

“Why can’t we go to Nana’s place? We’re staying at home to keep Nana safe,” The Wiggles sing.

“What can we do to make her feel better? Video call or write her a letter!”

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