20th March 2020: International Francophonie Day: celebrate with me, a Frenchie / Célébrez avec moi ce 20 mars 2020 la Journée International de la Francophonie

My name is Anne-Sophie, I am a native French speaker and I was born in France 43 years ago.

International Francophonie Day is observed within the International Organization of La Francophonie’s 77 member states every March 20 to celebrate the French language and Francophone culture. There are over 369 million French speakers on Earth. Created in 1988, the date celebrates the signing of the Niamey Convention in Niger on 20 March 1970. The convention established the Agence de Coopération Culturelle et Technique, the precursor to the International Organization of La Francophonie. (Wikipédia)

We are in self isolation, a very hard time for everyone but VERY NECESSARY. I suggest we celebrate the Francophonie day together. Let’s speak French, let’s talk about France, let’s eat & drink as the French do !!

Let me know if you would like to have a conversation with me, and we could use Skype or Facetime and live a French day together ! So….different options : 1) You do not speak French at all but you would like to ask me about French habits, France & places to visit or you want to start learning French and I could teach you basic words/sentences or give you tips 2) You already speak a bit of French and would like to practise with a native speaker 3) You need help for French homework 4) You want my opinion on French wines ? Other ideas ? Just let me know !! And let’s make this day a beautiful French day & forget a bit about self isolation… Send me a mail at annesowine@gmail.com Take care !

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