Father’s day/ Fêtes des pères ! Buy wine….OR a voucher…OR a visit & tasting session in a wine property(achetez du vin…ou un bon cadeau)

iDealwine Voucher

Visit their website to choose your personalised gift : https://idealwine.buybox.net/

Other websites offering vouchers for wines OR Tasting sessions

Bordeaux Fête le Fleuve : the event you just CANNOT MISS ! (article to follow)

Voucher Father’s day from Château de Portets

This 32€ voucher includes (for 2 people) : 1) Visit “La Petite Graves” 2) Tasting of 3 different wines Château de Portets 3) 1 bottle Graves Rouges (gift)

Please book for your visit by calling 05-56-67-12-30 Château de Portets (30 min far from Bordeaux) : Rue de Mongenan – 33640 Portets

Here are a few pictures but if you want to know more about Château de Portets, I advise you to take a tour ! Very interesting & complete, and a really kind staff to show you around !

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